Who We Are?

Worried about maintaining your valuable property? Or are you looking for trustworthy facilities management supplier to take your property to the next level? Well, you’re at the right place……!

Based in Qatar, RITAJ is one of the leading and most renowned firms in the facilities management and services industry. In conjunction with the rapid growth of industry, we evolved as one the most market-oriented firms to understand, analyze, and evaluate the needs and wants of diverse customers to serve them in an unparalleled fashion.

We offer an array of wide-range quality services with an increasing focus on commercial and residential property management services. From property maintenance to cleaning, landscaping to compliance and energy services, we have vast expertise in a range of facility management services that help us serve our esteemed customers with immense quality.

We are widely known in the industry for providing soft and hard facilities services to multi-sector businesses, commercial properties, blue-chip organizations, and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Qatar, enhancing their overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, we aid businesses in vertical integration across the industry to smoothen their supply chain.

RITAJ takes pride in its immensely talented, dedicated and committed team that comprises of the best skills and knowledge about facility management. We provide tailor-made single, multi, or comprehensive management facilities to businesses of all types and sizes from various sectors and industries. Trusting our experience and knowledge, we assure you that RITAJ would provide quality services for your business that can help us make a difference in your journey!

RITAJ is committed to serve you and your property with immense care, respect, and professionalism. We are always here to provide you top-notch facilities management services according to your needs!