Although we tailor our packages according to the needs of every individual business, we boast of our expertise in the following sectors.


RITAJ acknowledges the fact that education is a key for a community to prosper. Education determines the future of our society. We work with several educational institutions like universities, schools, and tuition centers to enhance their facilities management. This not only helps to boost their efficiency but also paves the way to an integrated learning environment that supports the development and implementation of curriculums. Our high industry standards ensure that we offer secure facilities that improve the overall security of the properties. We are committed to playing our role in uplifting the education sector through intensive research on the facilities management of the sector.

Commercial and Mixed Utilities

We possess vast expertise in providing facilities management services to property developers, construction firms, and landlords to preserve their properties with high standards of excellence. We achieve this by focusing on the core of the business and incorporating continuous and sustainable improvements. Due to our quality services, we have a big pool of clients in the commercial sector.


Retailers have been considered as the backbone of trade. Shortage of land has increased retailing costs, especially for the shops located in central areas of the city. Be it a local grocery store, restaurant, bank, or hospital, land costs can be super high. Thus, it is vital to minimize cost through minimal wastage and maximum sustainable gain from the available resources. We help retailers to use their resources in the most proactive manner that can help them keep their overhead costs low.

Leisure and Hospitality

We are proud to work with several leisure and recreational organizations like sports clubs, theme parks, museums, stadiums, racecourses, and many other venues to help them the most out of their resources yet keep the quality the same. Our deeply researched solutions help us to enhance the security of the land by implementing the correct measures. Our talented team is rigorously trained to add value to your business. A lot of organizations hire us for facilities management services during their off-season.


While we provide facilities management services for many sectors, we boast of our expertise in the residential sector. We offer quality facilities management services for residential buildings, towers, apartments, and houses to help them keep their value high and ensure their smooth functioning.